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Teleforce Inc. is a market research company dedicated to the expedient and accurate accumulation of data. Teleforce has been in business for two decades and was incorporated in early 1990. During that time, we have expanded our facilities and added state of the art information technology. Our 18,000 square foot facility operates 250 telephone stations currently providing quality services to a variety of markets. We now continue to progress in those areas along with rapid expansion of various services including Internet Surveys and Online Data Collection.                   

Our Data Processing Department provides immediate coding, keypunching and optical mark reading of survey results. The information is assembled and converted into a variety of readable formats. Our qualified management team has worked on a large variety of projects over the past decades enabling us to provide you with excellent performance, skills and experience needed to perform and deliver all required tasks for successful completion of work plans and the expertise to systematically analyze, collect, correlate and organize into a useful form, information that will improve our clients' market opportunity.




Market research has proven to be the driving force for market growth. At Teleforce, our research professionals share a sense of opportunity, direction and achievement unparalleled in the industry. Our trained interviewers are known for their clear diction sought worldwide and honest Midwest work ethic. They are qualified and diversified allowing our company to offer you bilingual options as well. Prudent work ethic and high standards provide quality satisfaction to clients, their customers and consumers worldwide. We are known for our ability to successfully complete work plans in even the toughest markets.


Teleforce Inc. ensures the quality results one can expect. We carry out successful campaigns delivering prompt accurate data in specified time lines. We provide services consisting of inbound and outbound calls, web or mailed surveys and data tabulation. Teleforce will meet the needs of any business. Our team of professionals will put the power of global knowledge and telecommunication to work for you. 



Teleforce has been among the top ten research companies over the years. We have been instrumental in helping many companies become dominant in their market by providing them with market exposure, customer feedback, and name recognition.  Providing various Unions with information and member feedback to ensure members are accurately represented, giving them the ability to communicate with those unable to attend meetings and get further involved keeping them informed and updated accordingly.


We have also been highly effective with political organizations by supplying them with voter concerns and demands that help these organizations shape their platforms to best gain voter approval. Additionally, we assist incumbent politicians with information that allows them to keep their finger on the pulse of the American voting public.





Bottom line . . . Teleforce makes it happen. Whether you need votes or purchases, we are your market research leader. We truly give you the power of global communication, telecommunication, and data collection.



Teleforce is also more effective than other companies in our business because we are uniquely qualified and experienced in getting results through direct contact with the public. Our techniques and proficiency in survey taking are superior to the rest. 

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